AGLOA National Tournament 2017


Isha Home School (IHS) sent a team comprising seven students – Tejasvi, Aditi Iyer, Maya, Praajita, Shrilekha, Viveka, and Kaavya – to the US to join over 1,000 students to compete in the Academic Games League of America’s (AGLOA) National Tournament, known simply as Nationals. The 3rd place finish in one of the five games of the IHS elementary team, named Made in India, shocked many as the only team outside of the US knocked one of the nation’s top teams out of the playoffs. Additionally, their outstanding performance in Equations earned them an honourable mention while Maya received an award for going undefeated in WFF and Viveka in Linguishtiks.
Their trip to the finals was no cakewalk. Late into the Nationals it appeared that the girls would be returning empty handed for the third year in a row. A tenacious start in their strongest two games was met with a series of setbacks as the team was edged out of the playoffs in both WFF and On Sets by five points each. Adding to injury, Maya was eliminated from perfect score contention in On Sets by a single point and Viveka by two.
An uninspiring start in the opening rounds of the remaining games signalled that the chance of any success was bleak. Redoubling their efforts, however, the team rallied in the final two rounds securing a trip to the playoffs in Linguishtiks. At the end of the first playoff round, the IHS team was left tied with one of the toughest teams in the country for a trip to the finals which would be decided by a head-to-head, sudden-death match. Demonstrating their mettle, the IHS team nearly swept their way into the finals tying one match and winning the other four outright.

“Holding my thinker [trophy] made the three years of training totally worth it.” — Praajita
“I was surprised that an all-girls team was the first IHS team to make it to the finals.” — Maya
“We shocked everyone making it to finals in the English grammar game. Many of our opponents didn’t think we spoke English.” — Aditi