An Artistic Glimpse


On 13th October, Suryakanti classrooms were transformed into a full-fledged art gallery. Visitors were treated to the eclectic assortment of artwork that was created during the term.

The Junior School display featured self-portraits, portraits of famous sports personalities, story quilts inspired by the work of artist Faith Ringgold, flower paintings based on house names, leaf print bookmarks, sgraffito designs, finger paint rainbows, illustrations using patterns and wax-resist techniques and clay sculptures. The youngest students had participated in a picture book workshop, in which they illustrated parts of a given story, which were then digitally enhanced and incorporated into a picture book. The picture books entitled ‘The Brave Parrot’ and ‘Neela’s Tree’ were an absolute delight.

Middle School artwork included pieces from their unit ‘My Street’ in which they explored one point perspective, atmospheric perspective, overlaps and diminishing scale to show the illusion of depth. There was also a section on water lilies inspired by the Impressionist painter Claude Monet and the IHS lily ponds. Also featured were embroidery work, bead bracelets and wire work sculptures. The Middle School art clubs showcased knit work, collage and clay sculpture.

From Senior School, class 8 student work was put up, as well as TED photography and jewellery pieces. The class 8 section included plaster carving, Madhubani painting and weaving.

Students enjoyed seeing their work, as well as their classmates’ work, on display. Viewers certainly caught a glimpse of the students’ creative edge.