Art Workshop with Contemporary Artists Sheetal Gattani & Anjana Mehra

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Mumbai-based contemporary artists, Sheetal Gattani and Anjana Mehra conducted​ a workshop from the​ 1st to the ​8th of​ July called ‘Adding​ a​ Dimension​’. The artists worked​ with students as they painted​ images inspired by a favourite book, and explored​ the possibilities of adding a third dimension to enhance their work. 9th, 11th and 12th Art students attended the workshop.

​We also launched the “Artist in Residence” program ​at Home School. The artists ​worked​ on their own artwork throughout the week and students and teachers ​we​re invited to interact with them in their workspace to get a perspective on the thought process and techniques used to make their art.

The workshop culminated with an​ exhibition of students work as well as artwork from the artists on the ​8th of​ July.