The ASISC Inter-School Regional Athletic meet

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The ASISC Regional Athletic Meet was conducted in Erode on the 8th and 9th of August 2014. This year over 40 schools participated and Isha Home School was one of them.

Over the last month and a half, select students have been training rigorously. They all felt prepared and ready to go. Little did they know what competition awaited them!

The competition was tough but the students did not give up. They participated enthusiastically in all the events. By the end of two days, IHS students acquired 4 silver and 8 bronze medals in all in the Junior ( ICSE ) and Senior (ISC ) categories

Some students share their experience:

The ASISC Athletic meet we participated in this year was truly insightful and a whole lot of fun! The exposure showed us what it really takes to win and how much hard work and effort is required. Although extremely competitive, IHS managed to come third overall in the meet with some stunning performances. This year’s athletic meet is one we’ll hardly forget.

Narendra Nath Garapati
XII student

Being physically fit and strong is of utmost importance in athletics, or rather any sport; that is the common notion. How many people talk about being mentally strong and tough in the field? (Apart from the coaches, of course!)

Being mentally tough is exactly what we learnt from this meet. Dealing with the nerve racking pressure on the starting line when you hear, “Athletes, on your mark,” means a great deal. Pushing yourself hard till the breaking point is what makes a difference. I think all of us learnt many things and now know what weaknesses to work on.

The sun, the adrenalin, the shouts, the cheers, the proud moments, the disappointments and the satisfaction over these two days gave me unforgettable moments that I will cherish.

And, thanks to Erode, all of us now have an envious tan to show off!

Ana Saran
XII student