Assembly on Mahakavi Bharathiyar and Smt. M S Subbulakshmi

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On the 11th  of December, students gathered for a special assembly to commemorate the birth anniversary of Mahakavi Bharathiyar and death anniversary of Smt. M S Subbulakshmi.

Mahakavi Bharathiyar was a pioneer in modern Tamil poetry, an  Indian independence activist and social reformer. Drawing inspiration from his works, Middle and Senior Tamil  students presented two songs – “Oli Padaitha Kanninaai” and “Theeradha Vilaiyattu Pillai” – and an original dance piece to the song “Chandiran Oliyil Avalai Kandaen”.

As a tribute to the legendary Carnatic singer M S Subbulakshmi, Carnatic music students presented “Maithreem Bhajata,” the musical composition for which she received a standing ovation in the United Nations on 23rd October, 1966 on the occasion of UN Day.