Automobile TED Students Visit Gedee Car Museum




Members of the Automobile Club visited the Gedee Car Museum in Coimbatore during their last TED (Talent Exploration Day) session this year. Four students accompanied by Mr. Sarada Dash, the facilitator of Automobile TED, and Mrs. Geetanjali Deshpande, visited the museum and returned with much more than expected.
The museum had an extensive collection of vintage cars, working models of car parts and even recent car models. The museum provided a fluid narrative of the history of cars, an evolution spanning over a century, which deepened appreciation for the level of sophistication achieved in this day and age.
The museum also had inspiring anecdotes from the life of Mr. G.D. Naidu, the founder of the museum, and relevant quotes from renowned car manufacturers such as Honda and Porsche (Yes, these car manufacturers are named after people!). There were several fascinating car models and designs. As F.A. Porsche rightly said, “Design is not simply art, it is an elegance of function.”
Students were able to apply their theoretical learning of automotive parts and how an engine works, and actually witness first-hand innovations in automotive engineering.