Middle School Children visit Black Thunder



The night before it was told that we would be going to Black Thunder, I was just sitting on my bed, not knowing much about the school as I was new. After about five minutes Neha akka came and told us that we would be going to Black Thunder. Everybody was so excited and told me that it is a water theme park. Then akka told us the rules and we went to sleep.
The next morning I was so excited that I got ready very soon. When I entered the bus, I was given a tablet to prevent vomiting. Then most of us talked to Swami and had a lot of fun throughout the three hour long journey.
When we arrived, we were given some instructions and then we proceeded. After leaving our slippers and bags in a room, we first went to the Illusion Ride. On this ride, we felt like we were spinning but in reality we were not! Then we went to the Volcano Pool. We had a lot of fun sliding down. I also went in the Hurricane, Wave Pool, the Lazy River, and Snake Slide in which we slid in twos and fours. We saw a real camel there. We ate lunch at Kerala Restaurant where I ate too much.
Our bus ride was equally fun, we played a guessing game and then Swami Ekapada taught us a riddle in which we had to copy him. Only Nitya and Sangeetha akka got the trick. Shreyashri kept on doing the trick the same way but yet insisted to do it again which made us all laugh our heads off. It was an awesome experience and I am sure I will remember it forever.
– Samriddhi Kunwar

Black Thunder (The Rocky Boat)

As the blazing sun rays hit my eyes, my friends and I ran towards the Rocky Boat. It’s my third time at Black Thunder and I have never gotten bored of this ride. I ran to get the top seat. After everyone settled down, the boat started to move, slowly.
In a blink of an eye I was up so high that I could touch the sky. The boat kept rocking and I felt butterflies in my stomach. As we went up and down, we all kept screaming. About five minutes later the boat came to a halt. I stumbled when I walked down the stairs. But the experience was unforgettable.
– Nitya Iyer

Wave Pool

I entered the pool and the water felt cold on my feet. It was a sign that now we were getting into the wave pool. As I went further, the waves started to move higher, from my feet to my hips.
As I went even further, they started to rise to my neck. Then, the fun began. The big waves started to rise and rush towards the end of the pool. I looked back as another wave started to rise above me. But I jumped over it and landed with a splash back in the water!
-Suchir. M