Building Bridges: Math Workshop for Middle School


On the 13th & 14th of February, the MS students had a math workshop. The workshop was conducted by Mr. Amaresh Deshpande, a Goa based mathematician and ardent bridge player. Bridge is a card game which takes a jaw-dropping 3 months just to learn the basics! This game is like a gym workout for your brain. The workshop focused mainly on Double-Dummy problems which interested quite a lot of Middle Schoolers. After the workshop most of students were running after Amaresh anna for more complex problems. The MS students had a lot of fun as they learned new problem solving skills and all look forward to more such workshops.

– Siddarth

That day, I was surprised to hear that we were going to have a math workshop. Sundar anna came into the classroom carrying several decks of cards, accompanied by a tall, interesting man, Amaresh anna. He used to be a math teacher and felt that he needed to make learning math more fun for everyone. So he designed a game involving cards which would help students like us, learn math in a fun and interactive way. It was a great card game that really improved our math skills. He has also created an app called Kida which has been released in many languages and allows us to play the same card game at many different levels and modes. It was a new way to learn math and we feel that he has accomplished his goal.

– Madavan & Srivanth