Butterfly Metamorphosis

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Students of Gulab House had the opportunity to witness first-hand the fascinating life cycle of a butterfly.

“Hey, look!” Malhaar exclaimed as we headed to the library. We all peered down to see the strangest and spikiest caterpillar ever. We picked it up on a leaf and later placed it in our insect jar. It was only an inch long, but simply marvelous.

That night it suspended itself from the side of the jar – unmoving. We wondered if it was dead. But … the next morning, we saw a beautifully formed brown-colored chrysalis.  After some researching and reading, we learnt that our little friend was the caterpillar form of a Commander (Moduza procris), a medium-sized, beautiful butterfly commonly found in Asia.

On the twelfth day, the chrysalis darkened. We knew it was almost time for the butterfly to emerge. As our class progressed, suddenly Nithin exclaimed, “Akka, the butterfly!” It had just emerged from its pupa and had opened its wings. It was gorgeous. Everyone rushed to the jar to get a closer look and we sang “Happy Birthday!” to the butterfly. It stayed in that position for about an hour and then we released it.