Class 10 Kick Back at Kabini


From 4th to 6th January, just after completing their Preliminary I Examinations, class 10 students were whisked away for a surprise trip to Kabini. The trip was organized Nirvana Nomads.

One student recounts her experience:

The bus pulled into the driveway. Half asleep I slung my bag over my shoulder and stepped onto the lamp-lit, gravel pathway. Lamp posts lined the pathway, the fairy lights wound around the posts twinkling with a faint yellow glow. Tiled cottages flanked the sides, their roofs aglow in the moonlight. Mist curled around the cottages and hung low near the earth. A cool breeze swept past and I smiled as I thought to myself, ‘Well, this might as well be a dream.’

After our prelims, the tenth-graders got a much-needed break in Kabini. Nestled in the hills with criss-crossing backwaters and dams, it was the perfect place to relax and unwind. On our first day, after visiting the Kabini Dam, we went boating on the Kabini Reservoir and watched birds fish their evening meal in the golden light of the sunset. So close were they to our boat, that it was almost possible to stroke their feathers if one simply stretched out their hands.

Our second day in Kabini had us waking earlier than we ever had even in school. Awoken, at three thirty am (a time I doubt even birds are awake!), we trudged to the bus that would take us to Rajiv Gandhi National Park. Upon reaching our destination we were surprised by a two hour safari. The news of the safari made us excited enough to remove any trace of exhaustion. While in the park, we were able to spot several different kinds of deer and a family of elephants, who trumpeted in way of greeting. A few of us were even lucky enough to spot the body of a tiger vanishing into the depths of the woods.

The safari was followed by a filling lunch and table-tennis time! In the evening we were taken to a nearby village where we saw cotton, pepper and banana plantations, the common crops of the area. In spite of the language barriers we were able to experience the warmth of the locals who were eager to share their busy yet wonderfully simple lives with us. As a cherry on top, we sat by the lake and watched the golden sun disappear into the earthen folds of the mountains.

Finally on the way back, we stopped at the Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary and went boating into crocodile infested waters. While some of us were scared of the crocodile (an adverse effect of too much Lake Placid), the others marveled at the predatory stillness of the age-old creatures. We also had an up close look at the nesting trees of black Cormorants, herons and Australian pelicans. And so was the conclusion of an amazing and relaxing three day getaway to Kabini.

  • Niyutsa Rajesh, Class 10