Class 11 Students Kick Back at Kodai


Class 11 students enjoyed a 3-day getaway to Kodai Camp, a homely and eco-friendly retreat located ~ 10 km northeast of Kodaikanal. The trip was organized by Nirvana Nomads. On the first day, students went on a day-long trek into the forest mountains. In the evening, they rejuvenated themselves at the traditional custom-built Finnish Smoke Sauna, a unique wooden structure in the heart of the camp. Nimmy akka, one of the camp’s owners, shared that this structure was in-fact built by Finnish people who had stayed on the premises for about two months, and all the materials were gathered from the surrounding forest. Dinner was served around a crackling campfire.

The second day focussed on team-building. After a series of games and activities, students visited the nearby organic farm, where they learnt about indigenous and foreign cattle varieties, and the benefits and suitability of indigenous cattle in Indian agriculture. They saw the machinery that is used for making ghee. Students worked together to prepare the evening meal, using whatever implements were available. The outcome was a yellow-coloured rice with vegetables (which was meant to be pulao but that remains debateable).

On the last day, students visited the nearby hill town of Kodaikanal where they did a little bit of shopping and sightseeing, and, of course, a little bit of sampling of the local goodies. Students welcomed the change of scenery, the wilderness refuge and the opportunity to kick back and relax just after term-end exams.