Class 8 Unwind at Off Road Adventures



“We have some good news for you guys,” said Ayman Anna, our class teacher. We held our breath, itching for him to go on. “We are going on a field trip!!” The entire 8th grade burst into applause. One week later, thirty-four excited eighth graders were on a bus to Off Road Adventures.

Our first planned activity was riding ATVs around a bumpy track with rows of tires jutting out of the dry sandy earth. Finally, my turn came. Everyone was told to ‘be careful’ and to ‘not go too fast around the turns’. When MY turn came, at least for a few moments, I SLAMMED on the accelerator! I was literally flying off the jumps and screaming at the top of my lungs (a combination of being scared OUT OF MY MIND and having the best time of my life!)

Immediately after that, we moved on to archery. Only a few people were experienced enough to shoot straight at the target on the first try; others slowly got the hang of it as they exhausted their supply of arrows.

Most of our time was taken up by the third and final planned activity: a paintball championship. The first two teams suited up in their camo outfits, pulled what looked like riot gear masks over their heads, grabbed a medium weight semi-automatic paintball gun and charged into the arena. There were seven teams plus one teacher team. There were four initial games, semi-finals and finals. My team made it into the finals against the teachers. We had won the previous two matches and were sweaty and tired when it came to the last round. During the last game against the teachers, the entire grade cheered for us. Even though we didn’t win, it was an AWESOME game.

After we ATTEMPTED to freshen up, we went to Brookfields Mall and were given Rs. 500 to buy whatever we wanted for dinner. I had so much fun hanging out with my friends and eating good food! This field trip really brought our grade. On the way back to school, we danced in the bus until about 11:30pm and had the time of our lives. We can’t wait for our next trip; still, nothing could’ve been more perfect than this one!

– Sonia C., Class 8