Class 8 Venture to Wayanad


From 6th to 9th October, Class 8 students went on 3-day retreat to Ela Blooms, a centuries old Cardamom Farm tucked away in the rolling hills of Western Ghats in Wayanad. Designed by Nirvana Nomads, the retreat offered a variety of activities including jungle hikes, stream walks, jeep rides, team building games, an unforgettable swim in the ‘Infinity Pool,’ and a visit to Uravu, a non-profit bamboo processing, training and design centre. There were ups and downs with nature’s incantations, but in the end, the class pulled together. Quietening the chill, students huddled around the bonfire and in the end, warmed up to one another.

One student recounts her experience: –

I really don’t know what to say
as it is an experience
hard to describe,
but I shall try,
try, to show you,
try, to tell you,
to make you understand
how beautiful those few days were.

Cold, fresh morning air,
drinking hot tea,
laughing, and swinging high
as high as we could see,
Big fat rubbery tires
leading us into trees
Beautiful crackling campfires
as warm as could be
All of us, huddled, and cheering
All of us, wanting a bit more

Slipping, sliding, falling
Falling, tripping, laughing
Laughing, sliding, slipping
Then we get up, just to …
Trip and fall again …
And then we all laugh … again.
If one trips, everyone catches
If one struggles, we all help

Together we braved leeches
Together we climbed mountains
Together we laughed
Together we smiled
Together we became stronger
Together we conquered our fears
We became closer
In the end…
We understood the true meaning
of being TOGETHER.

– Lochana Arumugam