Class 9 Hindi Students Stage Charandas Chor


On the 8th of July, the 9th grade Hindi students and teachers staged Charandas Chor, a well-known folk play written by noted theater personality the late Habib Tanvir. The play is a masterful retelling of a Rajasthani folktale originally narrated by Vijaydan Detha.  The comedic play revolved around an honest thief named Charandas and the predicaments he faces in his attempts to abide by his principles. Though the story of Charandas belongs to folklore, the characters created by Tanvir mimic contemporary Indian society with its social inequalities and political corruption. Throughout the play, truth and lie went hand in hand. There were honest thieves, rich paupers, materialistic renunciates, fraudulent lawgivers, and brainless intellectuals. Students worked both on and off-stage, and the enthusiasm was palpable. The play was well-received and appreciated by the audience.