Class IX Farm Stay

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After a rejuvenating holiday, we came back to school only to find out that we were leaving school again the next day! We, the Class IX students, were taken for an overnight stay to the Isha Farm in Narasipuram, an organic farm not far away, comprising nearly 13 acres of crops.

Situated amidst streams and wildlife, the farm itself is a wild maze of papaya trees, drumstick trees and coconut palms. In between, there are smaller plots of curry leaves, lemon, musambi (sweet lime), and amla (gooseberry). The farm uses only natural pesticides and use green covers, rather than dry covers, between plantations by planting multi-grain plants.

We stayed in a small house with just empty, cemented square rooms, which was adjacent to the papaya fields. Each papaya tree bears about ten to twenty papayas. An advantage that the farmers face is the fact that papaya trees bear fruit all through the year. Guess what? We got to pluck papayas too! We cooked our own food and to our surprise, it didn’t turn out to be a disaster – actually, it turned out to be pretty good.

Just staying in such a different atmosphere made staying there splendid! We walked to the stream nearby for our bath, where we had tremendous fun lying flat in the clear water. Though city life might look very attractive, living in a farm has its own unique splendor to it.


– Radhani J & Natasha John, Class IX