Class X Day Out

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On the 8th of January, the 10th standard went on a day trip to Coimbatore. We began our day spending a few hours at Brookfield mall, where we went window-shopping and had a scrumptious meal.  After lunch we played games in the arcade, and in our reluctance to leave, we had to be dragged out of the mall.

After a long bus ride, we reached the much-awaited ‘Off Road Adventures’, where we experienced the heights of adrenaline rush. We were divided into groups where we got to try out different activities such as: ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle), paintballing, archery and water zorbing.

Water Zorbing is not as easy as it looks. You feel like a hamster on a wheel without the secure footing. Personally, all of us felt it was an overwhelmingly exhaustive and tiresome activity.

On the other hand, archery was much easier and gratifying when the arrow hit the bull’s eye’s.  A couple of us, in our own enthusiasm shot the arrows well beyond the target and into the neighbouring field.

While some of us shot arrows, others were zooming around on ATV’s- a high-powered, recreational vehicle.  It was a very thrilling adventure. Many of us, girls and boys alike, felt the need for speed and sped around enjoying the experience tremendously.

Last but not least, it was a ‘holi’ war in the paintball arena. We were split in two teams and got ready for a face- off. It was the closest one could get to war and we took full advantage. We used strategies from video games and tried to eliminate our opponents.

We wrapped up our day with a delicious meal at Bombay Brasserie, where we gorged on a variety of mouth-watering dishes with an assortment of different Indian breads. We returned to school, sleepy eyed and with a smile on our faces having enjoyed a great day in the city.


Class X – Uthara, Rutuja & Dhanush