Class X Travels to Wayanad, Kerala

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“Bumpity Thump ! ” was the sound of our 4X4 as it ventured through the dense jungle on our way to Ela Blooms. Ela Blooms is a cardamom farm set on the hills of Wayanad in the Western Ghats. This town , situated on the outskirts of Kerala was an 18th century British colony. It hosts a wide number of endemic species of birds and other wildlife.

As we got to Ela blooms we were astounded to find a club house in the middle of nowhere. It was thrilling when we heard that we were going to sleep in tents out in the wilderness. Ela Blooms was built over a period of eight years.

After sampling the local fare, we set out on a trek to a waterfall nested in between two beautiful mountains. As we strolled through the stream we caught a glimpse of the awe-inspiring nature around us. We returned to our base camp to find a pot of steaming hot, crispy onion fritters waiting for us. We ended our day around a campfire and had the budding music artists from our grade perform.

We woke up to the chirping of birds and the smell of Cardamom tea as it summoned us towards the kitchen. We started our day with a bird watching session with Mr. Vishnu, a forest official. Serpent eagles,Flame-backed woodpeckers , rocket tail drongos and Malabar squirrels made their presence felt as we gazed up at the treetops.

We made it back in time to devour the yummy, garlic rasam, more Kuzhambu, not forgetting the papadams which melted with every bite we took.

All this was in preparation for the trek to the natural infinity pool. Slipping and tumbling over loose gravel on the steep slopes on the way to the lake, was an unforgettable experience. As we reached the end of our strenuous journey, we cracked up to the jokes of Anthony and Sudharshan ; our two amazing chaperones , from the famous Nirvana Nomad’s tour group. We had a refreshing dip under the majestic waterfall which had enough rejuvenating effects to last us till we got back to base camp. After the wonderful trek we slept like logs.

The final day of our trip arrived. We went to the Chembra peak where we admired the pepper vines, silver oaks and the magnificent mountains. It was quite a tiring walk.

We had tears in our eyes as we boarded our buses back to school and reminisced the beautiful memories of Ela Blooms , Wayanard.

– Sunith , Class X