Class X Venture To Camp Mistea

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It wasn’t until halfway through our first preliminary exams that we found out we would be going to Camp Mistea (near Kotagiri) after the exams were over. We didn’t know much about what we had in store, but we were excited at the prospect of a 4 day trip – our first overnight outing in Xth grade.

On December 6th we embarked on our journey to Camp Mistea, leaving behind all our overdue project work, much to the dismay of our teachers.Unfortunately, the audio/video system on the bus was not working but wemanaged to have fun anyway. As soon as we reached the campsite, we were welcomed by our camp guide, and immediately realized how well planned andorganized that adventure was going to be.

After moving into our tents, which were surprisingly comfortable, we began work on the first of many team-building events. During these events we learned how to better work with one another and break several of our limitations, such as a fear of heights, and fear of insects and bugs. One activity that deserves mentioning was a surprise cooking challenge. After having spent the morning trekking, we were famished and had to make our own breakfast of eggs, bread, and Semiya noodles over a self-built fire in the company of the tea bushes, and a local stream which provided fresh water for our cooking. Luckily, there was a backup breakfast waiting for us in case our endeavours were unsuccessful. But mind you, our breakfast turned out to be quite good.

Our nights typically ended with a bonfire and late night chatting sessions with the staff. It was nice to be able to bond with our teachers outside of the classroom.

We were staying up in the mountains where the scenery was beautiful. The weather was much different from what we are used to. The mornings were chilly and the days were just right. We were also routinely in the presence of Indian gaur.

We were quite lucky to have been in such close proximity of them, and were even luckier to escape alive after one of the guides decided to fling a rock at one of them. There are no words to describe how good the food was during the stay. To top it off, on the way back we got to have dinner at a renowned Italian bistro. The trip couldn’t have come at a better time, and it was just what we needed after the nerve-wracking preliminary exams. It was the perfect ending to a perfect trip!

-Ananth, Rajbarath, Varun – Class X