Class XI Trip to Malaysia

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For the first time in Isha Home School history, students had the opportunity to explore Malaysia! Class XI students began their adventure in Kuala Lumpur with a Malaysian breakfast consisting of the vegetarian version of Satay and Bak Kut Teh. (The teachers loved this food, the students not so much!) They took a bus tour of the city, saw the Petronas Twin Towers, stood by the guards at the King’s Palace, explored and played with lots of gadgets at the interactive Science Discovery Center and touched starfish and a sting ray at the aquarium ‘Aquaria’.

In Penang, the students went to ‘Escape’, a not so ordinary theme park. They climbed and swung from trees, had rock climbing races and challenged themselves with varied levelled obstacle courses. They trekked to Monkey Beach and relaxed in the ocean. Some even played ‘Catch Throw’ for hours in the water. The students also enjoyed the Butterfly Farm, where butterflies fluttered around freely, occasionally sitting on the student’s shoulders.

There was also a lot of time for shopping, eating yummy food and trying some more Malaysian dishes like Mee Goreng and Roti Cannai. The Isha volunteers in Malaysia planned the entire trip in such a wonderful way that everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and no one was ready to come back!