Class XII Travels to Ooty

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We (the 12th std students) were expecting (hoping) for our teachers to give us a break from all the exams, books, project work and more exams. And just as we expected, on the last day of our exams we heard about our trip to Avalanche, Ooty and our joy knew no limits.

The destination was a place called “Destiny” a resort nestled amongst the beautiful mountains of the Nilgiri district. The remarkable location provided us with sights to stare at for hours encompassing the vast green plains and mountains.

Horse riding, fishing, trekking and a library teeming with Tinkle, Asterix and Archies digests, we had so much to do and so little time. Literature, a new game, was introduced and we spent our time after lunch trying to understand this immensely complicated game. Mac n Cheese, pancakes, Caesar Salad, pizzas and what not, such abundance of good food was heavenly. We can’t and won’t forget the memories of a special little friend named Selvi (a dog) who followed us everywhere.

This time, on the trip, things were different. We realized that we were leaving school in a few months and we tried to make the most of our time together as a class. We knew each other much better than we did a year ago, and that made a difference. Destiny resort was definitely one we will reminisce, a trip that will be one of our last, but most thrilling as of yet. What next I wonder…


-Shivangi Sharma