In Conversation with Mr. Sanjeev Sanyal, ‎ Indian Economist, Author, & Urban Theorist


On the 8th of December, Senior School students had the opportunity to interact with Shri Sanjeev Sanyal, a well-respected economist, author, environmentalist and urban theorist. Some of the students were familiar with his work, having used his book The Incredible History of India’s Geography as a supplementary text in their class 8 social studies course.

Mr. Sanyal spoke about his life and his work as an economist and global strategist. A Rhodes Scholar and Eisenhower Fellow, he has made significant contributions on the international stage. He reiterated the necessity for there to be a paradigm shift in how we view systems and to enhance our perspective to reflect the interconnectedness between disciplines and domains. He spoke about his work as an urban theorist, looking at how cities develop and the interactions that govern and play out over time. When asked ‘Why study history?’, he spoke about the need for current textbooks to be rewritten so that history can become more meaningful and relevant to the learner.

Sadhguru, the school’s founder, attended the talk and added his insight into the teaching and learning of history. The talk concluded with Mr. Sanyal gifting Sadhguru a copy of his newest book, The Ocean of Churn: How the Indian Ocean Shaped Human History.