In Conversation with Shri Lal Krishna Advani, Senior BJP Leader


On the 27th February, IHS students had the opportunity to meet Shri Lal Krishna Advani, Senior BJP Leader and former Deputy Prime Minister of India. Shri Advani, regarded as one of India’s senior most and distinguished parliamentarians, has played a big part in shaping Indian politics and is widely regarded as the creator of today’s BJP.

Sadhguru facilitated a short but lively interaction between the legendary politician and Senior School students. Shri Advani spoke to the students about the importance of credibility in a person’s life and stressed the need for students to strive for building this quality. Sadhguru added that he sees clarity as the most important quality.

Shri Advani addressed the students in Hindi and in English and gave the children a little peep into his early years in Karachi and how he was shaped by the historic events of the Independence movement. The students had many questions for him ranging from the possibility of peaceful co-existence between India and Pakistan to his experiences during the Emergency. Rather than talk politics, he opted to talk about larger universal issues.

Shri Advani presented the school with copies of four of his published works – A Prisoner’s Scrap-book, As I See It, My Country My Life, and My Take. Shri Advani was accompanied by Ms. Pratibha Advani, his daughter, who is a successful journalist.