Dance Duo Take Center Stage


I stepped into the Assembly Hall, looking at the two young and energetic guests seated at the front of the carpets. I sat down wondering what would be presented in the assembly. As soon as the invocation got over, the tall gentleman stood up and said, “Namaskaram, I am Jonáš and she is Nikol. We are from the Czech Republic,” and he went on. In the blink of an eye, Jonáš and Nikol walked onto the stage and positioned themselves. Soon, melodious music was ringing in my ears and they swayed back and forth. Their dance movements were so effortless that I wondered whether their bodies were made of rubber. They danced beautifully, a blend of acrobatics and ballet. It went on for about 10 minutes. It was spectacular. There is no better word to describe it.

Nikol Šneiderová and Jonáš Janků are professional dancers, acrobatic and new circus artists, and musicians. Not only did they present an assembly, they also went on to conduct movement workshops for both Junior School and Middle School.

– Maya