Dance Kaleidoscope

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From 23rd to 26th August, students had the privilege of working with Mrs.Parinda Singh, one of the founding members of ‘Tribe of Taal’ – a contemporary dance company from Mumbai. Parinda’s passion for dance is palpable – in fact, she contends that she began dancing “when she was in [her] mother’s womb.” She has been trained in both classical and folk dance forms, and continues to explore and learn new styles – all of which find expression in her choreography.

Interested Senior School students participated in a Rajasthani Folk Dance workshop, where they learnt the quintessential elements of a Rajasthani dance – basic footwork, body and wrist movements. They focused on the following authentic Rajasthani folk forms – Ghumar, Kalbelia and Tera Taali. Sessions began with a few stretches and slower movements, and quickly moved into an energetic fury. Students were introduced to the use of props, namely manjiras (small metal hand cymbals), which they learnt to hold and use in a rhythmic manner. The workshop culminated with an evening performance.

Parinda also worked with the Junior and Middle Schools. In Junior School, students are exploring the various regions of India. To complement and enhance their study, Parinda offered a mini-workshop for students to get a glimpse of and experience folk dance forms from the various regions, which they presented in assembly. Students attempted the Bihu dance from Assam, Garba from Gujarat, Bhangra from Punjab, and Bharatanatyam from the Southern parts. Middle Schoolers had the opportunity to explore contemporary dance.

Experiences & Expressions:

It is difficult to describe my experience in words. For any teacher, the concept of teaching takes a tangible shape in the form of what the students imbibe.

It has been a privilege to be able to share and give the​ students of Isha Home School​ a glimpse of Indian dances. They leave me feeling optimistic and reassured about safeguarding our culture and art. 

Parinda Singh

Workshop Facilitator