Dodge ball Mania!!! ; Sports Fest Day – 2

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Dodgeball Mania, a day filled with nail-biting dodge ball games from the Junior-, Middle- and Senior Schools alike, began with the early morning duel between Middle School’s Kakatiya/Chola versus Maratha/Hoysala . Both teams ducked and dodged throughout the game. It came down to the last few minutes where Kakatiya/Chola ceased control of the match to take home the first points of the day.

The cloudy afternoon provided ideal dodge ball conditions for the first ever Junior School dodge ball battle. And boy was it a doozy! The Juniors showed phenomenal skill in throwing, catching and dodging the ball with catlike reflexes. In the end Maratha/Hoysala dominated the last quarter and bagged the points for their team.

As the moderate north-easterly winds brought a slight down poor before the Senior Girls match, many were wondering if the match would even happen. In the true spirit of Sports Fest the girls insisted on playing the match. Kakatiya/Chola jumped out to a comfortable lead as they cruised into halftime. The second half commenced with a ferocious display of dodgeball brilliance by Maratha/Hoysala. The team picked off their opponents with each precisely fired ball. The once comfortable lead that Kakatiya/Chola held was quickly narrowed. To the astonishment of the crowd Maratha/Hoysala took over the game and managed to keep the upper hand till the blow of the final whistle. The Maratha/Hoysala supporters exploded into an exuberant celebration that could be heard clear across the mountain.