Senior Students Interact with Dr. Sivathanu Pillai



On Friday 13, 2015 the senior school students at Isha Home School had the privilege to spend a few hours in the company of the renowned Dr Sivathanu Pillai one of the architects of India’s missile programme. Dr Sivathanu Pillai the CEO & MD of BrahMos AeroSpace.

Dr Pillai spoke to the students on various topics ranging from the rich civilization that India was and is to the various efforts by Indian scientists and thinkers to extend the frontiers of science and knowledge. The children learned about the various scientific precepts that originated in Indian through the ages from Sage Kapila to Arybhatta to the present day scientists who work anonymously to make India proud. He emphasised on the extremely crucial contributions made by India in the field of science, math and astronomy which is largely unknown to most Indians.

Dr Pillai shared some interesting features and facts about the missile programmes that he was involved with and how Indian scientists have, despite a late start in the field of modern armaments, made several unique innovations and advances in missile technology. The students also got a glimpse of the other strides in science like nano technology, bio chips etc during the interaction.

Dr Pillai also shared how he was inspired to take up space research after meeting CV Raman and Dr VIkram Sarabhai and his work with other eminent people like Dr Abdul Kalam.

Dr Pillai encouraged students to ask questions and he went on to answer them in a manner that young minds were able to grasp the intricacies of technical jargon. The questions ranged from whether time travel was possible to whether there were any threats to the BrahMos missile to how to pursue careers in research. The interaction lasted for nearly two hours. Dr Pillai exhorted the students to now do their bit to extend the frontiers of science, given the wealth of their geography and history, and do India proud.