Drama Workshop with Daniel Kelin II

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Mr Daniel Kelin II, a drama teacher from Hawai, US is offering nearly three week long drama workshops to students from junior, middle and senior school. He shares his experience:

Visiting Isha is a blessing.  I have the opportunity to work with students and teachers that both learn from and challenge me.  As an outsider coming in, the newness of the place and students helps me relook at the way I teach drama, the manner in which I engage the students and what I believe about educating children through creative approaches.  I know my drama integrated practice works, but how does it work with these students in this place?  What adjustments need I make in order to challenge this group of intelligent, interested students to new levels of learning?


During my first week here, I have encouraged the students to take full ownership of their learning.  I introduce them to stories, characters and ideas and then challenge them to creatively interpret those elements in their own way.  I ask them to take the simple knowledge and information and pull it inward to visualize it, make sense of it through their experience and to creatively express those ideas through their collective voices, bodies and imaginations.


I continue to be both amazed and pleased by how the students readily dive into their imaginations and shape their thoughts into unique and meaningful dramatic expression.