Entry Requirements

Application form for the year 2020-21 can be downloaded below. Please read “IHS Application Instructions_AY 2020-21.pdf” before sending the application form to us. Admissions available only for Class 2, 3, 5, 8, and 11.

Those who are applying for class 11, please refer to documents that are named as “IHS Post-10 Program”

The application form and corresponding instructions can be downloaded here:


Application Process:

Step 1: Applicant Enquiry – Please complete the Application Form which can be downloaded above and forward a paper copy with accompanying supporting information as detailed in the application instructions.

Step 2: Appointment – The school’s admissions department will contact parents to obtain further information if required. Arrangements will then be made for an orientation visit for parents and prospective students.

Please note that at this stage shortlisted applicants and those who have not been accepted will be notified by email. Shortlisted applicants will be given details of the subsequent orientation visit. This process is the responsibility of the school. Prospective parents are requested not to call to enquire on the status of their child’s application as all correspondence will be dealt with via email.

Step 3: Orientation Visit– Prospective pupils and parents come to school for an orientation visit. This visit provides an opportunity for parents and students to ask questions about the curriculum and view facilities. This visit also allows the school to conduct an appropriate test to identify the academic standard of the child so the child can be placed in the most appropriate class. For applicants residing in either the U.S. or U.K., the academic test together with the parental interview will be conducted by an appropriate proxy within the respective country. Finally, the visit also allows the school to determine parental commitment.

Step 4: Reserve place – If a child is successfully admitted to the school, parents will then need to reserve the offered place within 2 weeks of receiving notification. This can be done by completing the Enrollment Form and paying the necessary fees.

Please note that admission is dependent upon:

  • Vacancy/ availability of seats in the year group in for which admission has been applied for.
  • Evidence of parental commitment.
  • Evidence that the child meets the minimum expected academic standards for the child’s respective age group.
  • Payment of school fees.

Contact Us: admissions@ishahomeschool.org