Exploring Ethnic Weaves


Interested Senior School girls and teachers participated in a 4-day workshop that focussed on the quintessential Indian female garment – the sari. The workshop was conceptualized and conducted by IHS parents Mrs. Shraddha Saawant,​ a sari aficionado​, and Mrs. Prachi Saathi, an accomplished bhartaanatyam exponent. The workshop highlighted different sari weaves and styles of draping, and culminated in a fashion show featuring both traditional and contemporary drapes. Mrs. Saawant spent months sourcing and selecting the variety of saris, as well as appropriate accessories. She even sourced a few junior or mini-versions! For the participants, it was a sheer delight to explore this unique traditional creative expression in its myriad of forms, colours, textures and motifs. Who knew that there were over 108 styles of draping? As the participants took centre stage, it was elegance at its best.