Exploring Theatre with Thespian en


On the 16th of December, 2016, the theatre TED students along with a few other interested students had the opportunity to attend an acting workshop conducted by Mr. Ajit Chitturi and Mr. Rajeev Anand, who are the part of a theatre group from Chennai called Thespian En.

Thespian En was founded in 1994 by Creative Director Ajit Chitturi under the auspices of theatre veteran Mohammed Yousuf. The aim was to provide more, and better, theatre. The group has since then trained and evolved more than 250 actors. While Ajit is a voice specialist, Rajeev is an acting specialist.

There were around 23 participants and the workshop was conducted over a period of 3 hours. Out of these 3 hours, the first 1.5 hours were dedicated to voice exercises which focused on breath, diction, delivery and projection. The sole purpose was to improve voice quality. The second half was dedicated to acting techniques. Participants looked at eyes as a medium of expression, building up and breaking down character, reacting to sound and posture and movement.
No one realized just how quickly the time went by. It was a theatrical treat.