All aspects of the school are designed to kindle the innate urge within every child to learn and know. The prime focus is not only on developing a child’s intellectual capacities, but also to provide opportunities to explore other dimensions of life.

More specifically, the aims of the Home School are:


  • To provide children with an inspiring and loving atmosphere that is devoid of fear, ridicule, and comparison.
  • To provide children with the opportunity to take up responsibility for themselves and others, in order to develop in them, a greater sense of commitment and enable them to contribute to the world in which they live.
  • To allow a child to grow with an uncluttered intelligence so that she/he can perceive and experience life as it is, without distortion.
  • To mould children into sensible, respectful, and vibrant human beings who have the necessary confidence, openness and willingness to question themselves and the world around them.

The school’s pedagogical methodology encompasses a myriad of direct and indirect processes to achieve the above.