Junior School

In the Junior School, the effort is to sow seeds of learning and. enquiry, and nurture them through the coming years. Boys and girls, aged between 7 and 10 live with their house parents, who are also their teachers, in a house which is multifaceted and functions as a classroom. Within the walls of these houses, the essence of the ‘Home School’ comes alive. In a home-like atmosphere, siblings of all ages learn and absorb life skills and values.

The Junior School combines traditional methods of teaching with Montessori principles of education. The teacher is more of a guide or facilitator in the child’s learning process. Students discover the interconnectedness of all areas of study through engaging stories and themes, and they have the freedom to pursue concepts in greater depth. The curriculum is deliberately kept flexible at this age to ensure that the children develop basic concepts and skills in a variety of subjects which include Languages, Environmental Studies, Sanskrit, Basic Science and Mathematics.

There are no examinations in the Junior School and the progress of the child is evaluated through close observation and monitoring of the day to day activities of the child in a seamless manner.