Senior School

The Senior School comprises confident teen-aged children aged between 13 and 17, who are on the threshold of adulthood. The focus at this stage tilts towards academics as the seniors prepare to take their Class X and XII examinations conducted by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations. At this level, students study in horizontal class-wise groups, live in same gender houses, are taught by subject matter experts and sit for formal examinations.

Students of Standards VIII to X learn and study according to a prescribed syllabus. Keeping in mind their interest, aptitude and future plans,the students are allowed to pick their subjects from an array of choices offered by the Council, but which they study in the school. Students in XI and XII Standard continue their studies with a more developed focus on their interests and higher education. Again, they are allowed to choose 4-6 subjects from an extensive list of subjects offered by the school and the Council. They culminate their academic journey in IHS, by appearing for the Class XII, ISC examinations, after which they are ready to prepare for, and join, university education in India and abroad.

The school does not aim at solely training students to pass the board examinations; thus, it does not confine itself to a prescribed syllabus. Emphasis is on conceptual clarity and application of learning to real life situations, rather than rote memorization of facts.

Co-curricular activities continue to form a major part of their curriculum; however, they are now embedded with communication, organizational and management skills. They are encouraged to participate in, organize and conduct a variety of activities.

Students have the opportunity to interact with luminaries and experts from all walks of life during workshops, tête-à-têtes and assemblies. Students also actively participate in various social outreach initiatives, in order to cultivate their sense of inclusion and a broader definition of community.

The students have regularly scheduled outings and study tours that enhance their in-class learning and provide them exposure to the diversity of the country. Students of Class XI are taken abroad in order to facilitate an exchange of culture.

In Senior School, children are not only the beneficiaries of the school, but also its co-creators and stakeholders.