Going Blue: IHS Celebrates Janmashtami


This year, Janmashtami was celebrated with vigour and enthusiasm. To start with, the school’s dress code was blue. The morning was busy especially when some of us were looking for a blue coloured dress all over the place. Then, we had a fabulous music assembly. The Junior Nadha Yoga students, Jyotsna akka and a few senior students sang songs in praise of Lord Krishna. In the afternoon, interested students went to the cow shed to bathe and decorate the calves, while others went to the kitchen to help make sweet and salty
seedai. What followed was the highlight of the day – Matki Phod. This year, instead of forming human pyramids, it was done in piñata style where a teacher moved the pot up and down by tugging a rope while we had to attempt breaking the pot blindfolded. Next, we had a blue light dinner at Biksha Hall. The hall was decorated with leaves and white footprints at the entrance leading towards the dining area. Inside, it was all blue and the tables were arranged in diamond shape and at the center of each were three leaves with lamps adding beauty to the hall. We were delighted to eat the seedai which we had made earlier and matka kulfi. The night ended with Garba Raas in Tarana where we danced with dandiya sticks to catchy tunes. Without a doubt, Janmashtami was an enjoyable day.  – Praajita, Class VI


Experiences & Expressions:


Seedai making

We were on our way to the kitchen to make snacks. Before entering the kitchen, we had to wear shower caps, so that our hair doesn’t fall in the food. We commented on each other on how we looked as we entered the kitchen. One word was enough to describe the kitchen – BIG!! It was so humongous that we couldn’t even see its end because it stretched for miles. We washed our hands with soap and sat down with a tray of dough. We were going to make a dish called seedai. We were supposed to make it by rolling small balls approximately the size of marbles. While we were making it, we were singing songs, and cracking jokes. We quickly finished our dough, refilling it every 10 minutes. It was a fun experience and in the end, we arranged the balls is a smiley pattern. – Vishnu, Class VII


Garba Raas

We had just had a water fight and were then asked get ready for the night’s party. We were going to dance garba to the most fantastic songs ever. It was Krishna Jayanti and we were jumping up and down with excitement. I ran upstairs, took a nice hot shower, and sprinted to the other room in my pajamas to choose my garba dress. I wore a fantastic blue dress and did my hair the way a princess would. I hurried downstairs and took selfies with my friends. When we reached the dining hall, it was lit up in blue. We had our food, gulped down pot kulfi and headed to Tarana. We ran to the box of dandia sticks and grabbed two each. The music played and we danced into the night. It was the best night ever. – Harini, Class VI


Pot Breaking

It was my turn. I tried to open my eyes, but I just couldn’t. The charcoal black cloth was tied tightly around my eyes. As soon as I took my first five steps, I heard someone say, “Go left,” and then another say, “Go right.” I wasn’t sure which way to go. So, I just ignored them and went straight for the pot. I struck once, I missed. Then, I struck again, I missed. And then, I struck it the third time. Then, BOOM, I heard the sound of the pot breaking. As soon as I broke the pot, I heard people cheering my name and soon saw huge smiles on my friends’ faces. I was so happy that I felt like I was on top of the world.  – Dakshina, Class VII



A visionary, bluer that the sky;

A god that truly catches my eye,

The most enriching and colorful man;

Today’s the day it all began.


This is a day when we commemorate him,

When we fill pots with milk to the brim;

When the pots all crack,

Then the goodness of Krishna comes flowing back.


When we all start to dance,

The peacocks begin to prance;

When his melodious flute begins to play,

All beings begin to live in an eternal way.


Today, on this holy day, we pray,

That Krishna will come as an everlasting wave.


  • Madavan, Class VII