Guest Assembly and Workshop by Bryn Robert Todd

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As we were rushing for assembly, which was to happen in Tarana, we were wondering what assembly it would be. As we got closer, we came to know it was a guest assembly about circus acts! There were two guests who had come to share what they were good at. Bryn Anna, performing an amazing act with a diabolo and Prem anna accompanying him on the hand pan instrument. It was a spectacular sight!

To add on to our excitement, we found out that the 8 and 9 year old students were going to be engaged in a workshop pertained to juggling with Bryn anna.

“Warm up is very important and that’s what we’re going to start with,” said Bryn anna.

We exercised our hands first and passed sand balls to each other which were made using cut up balloons and sand. Then, we started to get involved in actual juggling with one ball. With mastery over catching the single ball, we added another one. We would look at each other drop the ball and laugh out loud. We thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the workshop. To give the workshop a good ending, Bryn Anna demonstrated juggling with 5 balls at one go! It was a fun, and exciting workshop.

-Shatvica , Nikhil and Arth ; JS Students