Guest Interaction with Designer & Entrepreneur Shibani Jain



6-Jul: Senior art students had the opportunity to interact with Mrs. Shibani Jain, a designer and entrepreneur, who spoke about the dying art of Chitrakathi. Chitrakathi is a unique style of painting-cum-storytelling, practised in Pinguli, a small village in Maharashtra dating back to the 17th century. “Chitra” means picture and “katha” means story and the exponents referred to as Chitrakathi were migrating musical storytellers who narrated stories with the support of a series of single sheets of two dimensional paintings done in a distinctive style. The story themes were largely local versions of the Mahabharat, Ramayan and/or mythological stories. At present, there remain only two families who practice this art form. The session focused on the history and characteristics of this dying art form, as well as the efforts that are being made toward its preservation.