Guest Interaction with Photographer Raghu Rai



10-Jul: Senior students had the opportunity to interact with Padmashree Shri Raghu Rai, a renowned photographer and photojournalist, who has specialized in extensive coverage of India since 1965. He spoke about his journey as a photographer, the importance of observation, the necessity for dedicated and committed practice and the power of intuitive feeling and expression. The session concluded with a Q & A during which time the audience was introduced to the process behind specific photo essays and projects, namely his works The Bhopal Gas Tragedy,  Vijayanagara Empire: Ruins to Resurrection, Taj Mahal, India’s Great Masters: A Photographic Journey into the Heart of Classical Music, Mother Teresa: A Life of Dedication and Guruji. He also spoke about the process of evolution within photography over the decades, the advantages that come with a digital medium and the importance of being an eternal learner.