Guest Interaction with Mr. Craig Mc Caw

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Even in my wildest dreams I never thought that I would meet a person like Mr. Craig McCaw. He saw the potential that cellular technology held in the 80s and contributed to its growth.  Mr. McCaw opened up to us by narrating his success story and told us how he values ideas more than their implementation. He said that due to his dyslexic mind it is more an idea and the passion that is behind that idea which is what really triggers the whole chain reaction for him that will eventually spill out into something phenomenal. Mr. McCaw is a bundler for the Republican Party in the U.S. (Bundlers, who are often corporate CEOs, lobbyists, hedge fund managers or independently wealthy people, are able to funnel far more money to campaigns than they could personally give under campaign finance laws.) His current vision is to nurture the environment and live in harmony with nature. He says that everything must be in harmony and that now is the best time to begin a program that brings humans closer to nature. His eco-projects in China have had positive outcomes and his main target now is the Indian sub-continent.

– Sundar , Class XII