Hands-On Science: Juniors Visit the Regional Science Park

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On the 22nd of September, the older children of Junior school visited the Regional Science Park in Coimbatore. With hands-on several of the activities there, the children were exposed to numerous science concepts, thus the trip most likely helped them develop a love for scientific exploration and experimentation.

The children were fascinated by the ‘optical illusion’ which greeted them at the entrance, and indoors, they were immediately fascinated by what the centre had to offer. The outdoor section featured games and interactive models that brought to life abstract concepts like resonance, simple harmonic motion, magnetism, and gravity.   In the pre-historic section, the children had the chance to befriend many dinosaurs when they climbed the backs of the colossal replicas.

The Science centre houses an impressive range of experiments, displays and models. The children pushed buttons, pressed levers, scrunched springs, threw balls, and did much more. An entire section devoted to the history of Indian textiles helped the students appreciate the rich variety of Indian textiles, and they were exposed to the techniques applied in creating them. They were particularly thrilled to know that Tamil Nadu was among the states that produced the highest amount of cotton. The highlight for many of the students was a 3-D show about how the human body gets rid of germs and viruses.

Although they were reluctant to leave the centre, the children were happy to end the trip with a delicious lunch at Anandhaas.  All tables were abuzz with several conversations and questions about what they had seen and experienced at the Science Park. They are already eagerly looking forward to another visit to the centre soon!