Himalayan Adventures



The 11th standard students, along with a bunch of dauntless teachers, ventured out on a week long adventurous trip to the Himalayas – the first of its kind in IHS.

After a night of sampling the various culinary delicacies from all corners of the world in Delhi, we headed to Rishikesh via Dehradun.

The next few days gave one an opportunity to use their newly purchased warm clothing. For a lot of us, we were caught in the middle of a snow fall for the first time in our lives. The students and the teachers made the most of it by hitting each other with snow balls.


We were kept on our feet by a steep trek to a lake on top of a mountain offering spectacular views of snow capped mountains. The trip didn’t quite provide a 5 star pampering, but instead offered us with a glimpse of life in the mountains.

One of many highlights was white water rafting down to Rishikesh where the children had the chance to dive into the Ganges and even float some of the rapids.

After a fun filled week, we returned to school tired but happy with a multitude of new impressions.