Home School Celebrates in Blue!

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Excitement was in the air, as everyone in Isha Home School celebrated Lord Krishna’s birthday! Janmashtami began early in the morning, when everyone assembled at the ground to find matkis [earthen pots] hung slightly above their reach. The children made mini human pyramids to reach and break the pots to gobble up the butter inside.

The evening was filled with a vibrant Middle School performance, ‘Krishna Leela’. Through two unique story-telling forms – ‘Hari Katha’ in Hindi and ‘Kathakalakshepam’ in Tamil, the students presented a selection of Krishna stories through music, dance and prose, all with a dash of humour. The audience laughed until their stomach hurt for each of the pranks and gags of the witty story-tellers. The music numbers, ‘Vishamakkara kannan’ and ‘Devaki maindhanai vandhu’ stole the show.

Everyone enjoyed a traditional Janmashtami meal in the transformed dining hall. Blue was everywhere – in the lights, decorations, even the people were wearing blue with a blue bindi! It was a wonderful way to remember the blue-bodied mischief-maker!