I Play to Win, But I Win in the Victory of All:  Isha Home School Celebrates Its 11th Annual  Sports  Fest

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The children’s sporting talents were on display when Isha Home School celebrated its 11th Annual  Sports  Fest on the 13th of September. The  four  sports  houses – Chola, Maratha, Hoysala and  Kakatiya – each named after a historic empire of the Deccan plateau – keenly contested for the rolling trophy.

The Sports Fest is the culminating day of a series of sporting events and qualifying rounds.

The event began at dawn, with young warriors (a.k.a. students) assembling on the grounds for a unique martial march past conceptualized by Sadhguru called the ‘Chaatra Sanchala Vinyasa’, wherein all the students wore  panchakachams, adorned their foreheads with  tilaks  representing their empire colour, and marched to the beat of tribal drums and other traditional instruments.

Colourful saris and  dupattas  draped stylishly on top of the war tents created a regal ambience; vibrant banners adorned the  entrance-ways. Catchy slogans echoed throughout the grounds and choreographed jigs kept the audience on their toes.

Amidst a pandemonium of joyful noise, students participated in various events that were scheduled throughout the day, which included the 100m, 200m, and 400m athletic finals, a joint student-teacher 400m relay, a student vs. alumni volleyball match, and an assortment of fun games such as musical chairs, balloon burst, lemon and spoon, and sack races. Parents also participated in throwball and volleyball matches.

In the end, the reigning champions, the  Kakatiya  Empire, led by captain Garghi Seenivas and vice-captain Harshitha Sundar, were victorious. The event exhibited skill and sportsmanship at its best.

The concluding ceremony comprised of the presentation of the rolling trophy and a silent march past led by the senior-most students, captains and vice-captains, who carried torches which gleamed in the night sky. As in the rules of war in the days of yore, the battlefield became silent at sundown – each party was given time to attend to their brethren, acknowledge the skill of their enemies and strategize for the next meeting of warriors – which is due to happen next year.