IHS Celebrates 10 Years

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A milestone was celebrated on 14th of June – the 10th year of Isha Home School. In order to mark the significance, the alumni of IHS were invited to spend the day at school, reliving old memories. The school planned for us to undergo a regular school day as when we were here, including the 5:30 am games, which for a change, was something everyone wanted to attend. It was an absolute pleasure to be back at school with all my old friends and teachers as the feelings of joy and nostalgia overcame everybody. Yoga and assembly followed games and then we had a sharing session with just the alumni, to get everybody up to date on our ventures after school. After having had 4 batches graduate from IHS it was interesting to learn what our fellow schoolmates had been up to. For some, it was their first visit to school after completing 10th or 12th. This was followed by a Junior School reading session where we read stories to them. Some of the alumni also shared their experiences and aspirations with the Middle School students.

After lunch, the alumni boys played a cricket match against the current students where the score was IHS – 86/ 6 in 15 overs ; IHS Alumni – 71/6 in 15 overs ;IHS boys won by 15 runs and both alumni girls and boys played a friendly volleyball match. We joked and reminisced with our old classmates and teachers, after which there was a moonlight dinner. The event concluded with a quiz, about significant past occurrences in the school, and a slideshow to depict the past 10 years in a nutshell which left everyone feeling emotional. It was a great day and a great event, which everyone was happy to be back for.

– Ambika Gogna (ISC Class of 2013)