IHS Celebrates Gandhi Jayanti



On the 2nd of October, all of IHS assembled in Tarana for a special Gandhi Jayanti assembly. The assembly was compered by the comedic duo, Arvind Venkatesh Gupta and Suneet Joshi, who played Gandhiji and Narad Muni respectively. Narada, in his usual playful and wily manner, kept Gandhiji away from his usual charkha spinning and meditation in his retreat in heaven, and whisked him away for an entertaining ride down memory lane with a number of built-in birthday surprises.


Knowing Bapu’s belief that everlasting peace begins with educating children in an integrated manner, their first stop was a visit to a school where junior students greeted him with ‘Bande Mein Tha Dum Vande Mataram.’ Reminiscing about when the seed was sown for his lifelong commitment toward equality and rights for Indians and marginalized sections of society, Gandhiji recounted the incident of his train travel to Pretoria where he experienced his first taste of racial discrimination. In spite of carrying first class ticket, he was indiscriminately thrown out of the train by the authorities on the instigation of a member of the dominant race. The entire episode was enacted by Middle School Hindi students. Upon seeing Bapu in their midst, another group of junior students sing his praises with their rendition of ‘Sabarmati Ke Sant Tune Kar Diya Kamal.’


Gandhiji, impatient to return to his heavenly abode for his evening prayers, began to pick up his pace. Narada, having more surprises up his sleeve, offered to accompany him for his evening prayers with the intention to jazz them up a bit. Masterfully planned by Narada, Gandhiji’s favourite singer,  the legendary Carnatic Vocalist M. S. Subbalakshmi (Srinidhi Meenakshi) appears, and the trio proceed to have an eclectic east-meets-west jam session of ‘Hari Tum Haro’ and ‘Raghupati Raghava Raja Ram’.