IHS Celebrates India’s 66th Republic Day



A chill ran up my spine as the entire place echoed with the national anthem. Against the backdrop of the majestic Velliangiri Mountains, the whole student body, dressed in whites, sang our country’s song. Though it is a routine that occurs every year, it never fails to thrill me. The youngest in the crowd sang ‘Vande Mataram’ to culminate the flag hoisting ceremony.

The ceremony was followed by a short assembly. The senior school music students performed a medley of Bengali, Marathi and Hindi patriotic songs. Though I have heard these songs multiple times, they sounded fresh, as though I was getting exposed to them for the first time.

Thereafter was a panel discussion, featuring parents of students, on a key foundation of our democracy – namely, the Freedom of Expression, to commemorate the 66th year of our Constitution. The topic was chosen to bring awareness to the teachers and students about the precious gift that has been bestowed upon us by our founding fathers, and the need to ensure that this gift is used with absolute responsibility.

The parents who participated represented the broad spectrum of educated society – ranging from professionals working in multinational companies, to media persons, to film makers, to lawyers and education consultants, and topped by the presence of a senior civil servant. The panel provided a wonderful panorama of perspectives on the topic. The discussions were moderated by a member of the IHS teacher faculty and a parent.

The discussion, which lasted over 40 minutes, ended with almost all the panelists agreeing that the key to preserving this crucial right in modern society is to reform our educational system and make it more inclusive of student input into the process of learning.

The assembly really got me thinking. I had disregarded so many issues and was unaware of the consequences of our collective actions. It was a definite eye-opener and it has motivated me to keep myself updated with current events.


– Harshada B, Class 12​