IHS Celebrates Republic Day



The morning of the 68th Republic Day of India started with the hoisting of the flag and the national anthem. The flag was hoisted by Mahavir Chakra awardee Rear Admiral SK Gupta, in the presence of Sadhguru. Following a rendition of “Vaishnava Jan Toh”, Sadhguru addressed the gathering, and then students and parents headed to Tarana for a special assembly.

The assembly began with a medley of songs sung by teachers, followed by a panel discussion on the role of national symbols in creating a sense of patriotism. After a faculty performance of a Tagore poem, “Where The Mind Is Without Fear”, Rear Admiral Gupta spoke to the audience. The assembly was brought to a close by a superb a capella rendition of “Vande Mataram” by Senior School students.

After the assembly, a curated display of rare photographs from the freedom movement, Emergency Period, and the building of modern India was held in Gnana Shala. An art exhibition by 10th and 12th class students was also on display in Suryakanti.

After breakfast, it was time for a little cinema. Movies were scheduled for everyone, was screened for Juniors, Kya Dilli Kya Lahore for Middle and a selection of four movies for Senior School students.

It was a pleasant, quiet day. Overcast skies and a bit of rain made for a festive atmosphere, and a number of students and parents were taking full advantage of their parents visit. Everyone came together for snacks in the Coconut Circle, and again for moonlight dinner. Chhole Bhature and Ice cream, a live saxophone performance and a soothing, languid breeze made for a pleasant end to a memorable day.