IHS Celebrates Thyagaraja Aradhana


The 31st of January was welcomed in IHS in a very special way. It commemorated the day Saint Thyagaraja left this world leaving priceless and ingenious music compositions for the generations to come. This saint was one of the masters of Carnatic music who composed several compositions which are still sung today all over the country. On this day, musicians and vocalists from all over the world gather and sing the Pancharatna Krithis, or the ‘Five Gems’ in unison.

As a tribute, several Home School teachers gathered together to sing Saint Thyagaraja’s Krithis. Abhinand, an alumnus of IHS, and Shreya Manoj, a 12th standard student, also joined the performance. Two of the songs sung were “Saadhinchene O Manasa” in Ragam Arabhi and “Sri Ganapathim” in Ragam Sourashtram.

A special mention goes to our Carnatic music teacher, Manoj anna, who gave all his effort to make this assembly a grand success. It was truly a remarkable musical kick off to the day.

– Ashwin