IHS Celebrates World Wildlife Day


March 3rd is commemorated as World Wildlife Day, a day dedicated to celebrate and raise awareness of the world’s wild animals and plants. Junior School students participated in a wildlife trivia activity based on animals of the Nilgiri Biosphere, which they have been studying over the past two weeks. Middle School students watched a TED talk by Conservationist Carl Safina titled ‘What Are Animals Thinking & Feeling?’ based on his book Beyond Words in which he overturns the animals-versus-humans / us-versus-them angle and makes a compelling case that there’s much more going on in the cognitive reality of this planet than humans tend to suspect – that animals, in fact, treat us much better than we treat them. This year’s shortlisted theme was “Listen to the Young Voices.” In keeping with this, IHS did its own bit to find out what the youth – the students – had to say. Students responded to writing prompts on topics related to wildlife and conservation. Excerpts from their pieces have been included below. A few Senior School students interviewed students across the school and put together a short video presentation of their sharing. In the evening, all gathered for a special screening of BBC One’s Planet Earth II Episode 6 ‘Cities’, a surreal and startling glimpse of the co-dependence of man and nature, and the wildlife that call our cities home.


“So many people say that they like animals, but most of them don’t do anything about it. It’s simple – if we go on poaching and killing animals, there won’t be any left.” – Praajita

“We depend on wildlife and they depend on us. If they go extinct nothing on earth will work properly. We as individuals can support wildlife at least by spreading awareness, if nothing else. When I grow up I want to be a conservationist, and keep money aside to buy land that will not be polluted by human activity.” – Abir

“We all know that there are billions and billions of species in this world, and truth be told we have not seen most of these species. There’s nothing as fascinating as watching something that is a part of nature. We are the ones who are destroying nature and we’re blaming others. We, as the youth, have the power in our hands to do something.” – Rajarajan

“The change that needs to happen today is one of outlook and of world view. Our outlook on life has to change. We have to stop looking at natural resources purely for the market; we have to look at them as facilitating the life process for us, and act in accordance to what needs to be done.” – Shreya

“Many species are going extinct because of what we’re doing to our environment. Every species has a role and part to play. What we do will affect future generations. Having a day designated as World Wildlife Day is a good start, but preserving our wildlife is not a one-day effort. It’s something that we have to work at every single day.” – Aman