IHS Hosts First MUN Conference

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This year, Isha Home School hosted a Model UN (MUN) which was attended by Riverside Public School, Kotagiri. MUN is a simulation of the real United Nations where students get to be delegates, represent countries, and debate important issues plaguing the world in an attempt to come up with solutions to them.

The Executive Board (EB) decided to have two committees: the UNHCR (United Nations HiCommission for Refugees) and Prime Minister Modi’s Cabinet. Sundar, chaired the UNHCR, and discussed the Rohingyan crises and the Middle Eastern refugee crises. Prime Minister Modi’s Cabinet discussed Indian Foreign Policy. I enjoyed chairing this committee which was challenging but ultimately very rewarding. We tried to keep the discussions sane, but we could have easily been mistaken for a noisy Indian Parliament!

The Conference was held between the 28th and the 30th of August at the Nalanda Conference Hall. After the delegates got used to the formal procedure and committee jargon, there was quality debate in both committees.

We had multiple critical situations and press conferences to deal with which required the delegates to be well prepared and kept them on their toes throughout the conference. The Conference ended with the EB talking about the Conference and the award distribution ceremony which was a fitting end to a brilliant MUN.

-Sukanya Janardhanan, Class XII

Chair, Modi’s Cabinet