IHS Sports Day 2016



Isha Home School celebrated its 12th annual Sports Fest on the 22nd October 2016. As always the day was filled with much vigor and enthusiasm.

Earlier in the term the students were divided into four sports house, Chola, Maratha, Kakatiya and Hoysala – each named after a historic empire of the Deccan Plateau.

The students then competed in various events leading up to this culminating day. These events included team games such as volleyball, football, kho-kho, dodgeball, tennis, badminton and various individual athletic events.

The scores leading up to sports day were close and there were nearly 300 points up for grabs giving every team a chance to win the coveted rolling trophy.

The day began with all the students assembling on the battle field dressed in the traditional kurta and panchakacham ready to start the “Chaatra Sanchala Vinyasa”, a march past that was designed by our founder, Sadhguru. This unique march past is a reminiscent of the battles between the great empires of yore. This was followed by the school song which was written by Sadhguru as well.

Each team then had the opportunity to present a cultural ensemble that consisted of music, dance, cheers, slogans and props all of which were created solely by them.

And then the races! The students participated in various events throughout the day. These included the 100 m, 200 m, 400 m and relay races; fun games such as lemon and spoon and balloon bursting; the much anticipated student vs alumni volleyball match and the extremely popular parent volleyball and throwball matches.

In the end, the Maratha empire led by Gobica G M and Adithyan V dethroned the eight-time reigning champion, Kakatiya, to take home the rolling trophy. The day concluded with a silent march past wherein the senior most students passed the torch to their juniors symbolically handing over the leadership and responsibilities of the school.

There were tears and smiles all around as the students rejoiced in the knowledge that the battle had been a well fought one! It truly was an experience in the spirit of our motto “I play to win but win in the victory of all “

Final Scores

Maratha – 452
Hoysala – 415
Kakatiya – 375